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countrygrrrl said:
1. My heirloom tomatoes which i've so lovingly raised since they were seeds :waa: are nice and healthy looking, but very small in comparison to storebought varieties --- I have a number of storebought variety volunteer tomatoes all over my yard :rolleyes: and they're positively gigantic next to my heirloom tomatoes.

Is this because storebought variety tomatoes have been hybrid-ed (?) to be fast growers and big plants? Or ... ???

2. The leaves on my forsythia bushes are turning yellowish. I checked for bugs --- none. We've had quite a bit of rain, although not over the past few days. Could the rain be affecting the forsythia? Or should I fertilize? Or ... ?

Check for gophers, and maybe could try some horse manure. (For the forstyhias) I use manure around mine for fertilzer as well as to help retain moisture... I doubt you could drowned them as I had mine in a water trough before I finally got them in the ground...
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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