2 free female GPs in south carolina

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by RM6, May 13, 2004.

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    I have 2 female great pyrenees that we have to give away. They are family pets but they have taken to jumping the fence to go down to the river. I don't ant to see them get hit by a car so we are looking for a good home. We are in South Carolina.If you know of any other sites I can post to and get reliable, caring people that kno these dogs please let me know.
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    Jun 2, 2003
    Petfinder.org - has a good guide for how to safely adopt out a dog

    I-dog.com has a forum for it too.


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    May 2, 2003
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    Please be careful. Suppliers for animal researcher labs are always on the lookout for "free" dogs and cats. They will pose as families looking for a companion animal. Sometimes even a nonimal charge is a good thing.
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    Feb 22, 2004
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    It is a shame that I live so far away from you. I live in MO. I would love to take your pyrenees and train them to take care of our cattle.

    I became familiar with a pyrenee when we were hauling hay from a farm where they raised Borer [sp?] goats. They had a pyrenee with them. It made sure they were all together and would help clean up the babies when born.

    I checked into a registered pyrenee. I was going to buy one for my DH. The price was too much. He would have not been happy if he would have found out the price, so I didn't get it.