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1st try at pressure cooking

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My wife bought me a pressure cooker, like 3 years ago, and I finally got the nerve to try. MAN,,, what a poorly worded manual. Anyway I took a frozen set of potbellied pig forelegs, a can of beer, 6 large fresh purple basil leaves, 5 dried bay leaves, some salt, and fresh ground pepper and watched the pressure get to 15 pounds....and am trying to figure how long to cook, since I started from frozen, for this stew. I've seen them do that on Iron chef, but not in any books. I figure you really cant overcook pork, so I'm planning on 35 minutes for like 4 pounds. I'll post later about the results.
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They are easy with a bit of experience, allways thaw the food beforehand.
Inspect the steam hole for blockage.
Inspect the seal each time you use the cooker.
Never fill it more than about halfway up.
There is no need to cool it with water, use a long two prong fork to gently lift the steam release a small bit to let the pressure out. Remember the steal is extremely hot
Inspect the blow out plug before use.
Wait for the pop up safety plug if you have one sets down before trying to open it.
Never open it while still hot enought to hold pressure.
When you first put in meat, add a bit of oil to brown and seal the meat, shake it around a bit to keep the meat from sticking.
Avoid real soft items such as tomatoes add them after it has done its steam job, soft things can block the steam release.
Operate it with the steam release running slow enought to count each sound by controling the heat.
Allways turn the blow out plug to the back of the stove.

Mine will do chicken in about 10 to 12 minutes, tough foods take maybe 20 minutes tops. They are a gift to those makeing shreded meat for BBQ sandwiches.
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