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  1. Cooking
    So, I have pretty much everything except a smoker. I am looking into them, and wanted to know what you all think of the different styles out there. Because this is just for fun, and I am no pit master, I want something simple and inexpensive. I would like to use wood, so no electric smokers...
  2. Real Estate
    Ready to start homesteading? In Southern Virginia. This place is READY TO GO, the infrastructure is all there: home, barn, spring-fed creek, driveway, clean well, electricity, internet. Very private but not isolated. Just needs some TLC. For multiple reasons we cannot do it anymore and are...
  3. Barter Board
    Hi, we have a US Stove Hotblast 1300 that needs a home. It runs great. It's in our greenhouse. We are moving for read school. We live 40 miles outside Joplin, Missouri.