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  1. Future Homesteaders

    Hello from sunny Arizona. We're originally from Chicago, but living in Arizona for the last 10 years. We recently purchased an acre in Williams, AZ close to Valle, AZ. Currently researching for our future move to the land. Looking to connect with others in the area, and hoping to learn from...
  2. Electric Vehicle Batteries

    Alternative Energy
    Has anyone used any electric vehicle batteries as a battery bank for off grid solar or wind? I have access to a large number of batteries and am looking for advice on how to use them and which ones are preferred. Please let me know. (If anyone is looking for any EV batteries let me know and I...
  3. Small Wind Turbine ( < 5kw) certifications

    Alternative Energy
    Good Day folks, For many years companies have focused on Large Commercial Turbines and of course certifications & testing of them but very little attention was focussed on the small turbine market. The result was in a sense a sort of Wild West and a number of scams and cheapo's occurred over...
  4. Clueless

    Alternative Energy
    I’m clueless on this topic and looking for advise or help from someone with more knowledge. We have our appt at our raw land 11.50acres with our local electrical co op on Monday morning. At this appt I’m suppose to find out how far I can go back from FM rd if I want overhead or buried if I want...