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  1. Goats
    Hi there, I am somewhat new to having goats and have had my 2 female Nigerian Dwarf goats since last year. They have been a joy as I let them free range on the acre I have. I'm in the process of building their own area so I can have a garden since they eat everything in sight. My daughter and I...
  2. Pigs
    Howdy guys. We took a wild pig yesterday and although he's pretty much a perfect animal in age, balls not dropped yet but about 70lbs, there were a lot of crawlies on him already. Texas has warmed up so much that Spring is sprung, as it were. We normally stop taking pigs when the weather is...
  3. Cooking
    Here is a little video I made for those that think you can't BBQ wild hog.
  4. Cooking
    Last year I cured some wild hog meat for hams and it turned out great. Back in February, a man called me to see if I wanted a big sow he shot. I said yes (I hate wasting good meat). She was huge. Weighed maybe 250lb. She was also the fattest wild hog I had ever seen. So I decided to cure...
1-4 of 4 Results