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  1. Well house in area with recurrent flooding

    Homesteading Questions
    Any ideas on how to fix this? We live on a lot cut out of a large hillside. The snow accumulates all winter, and then each spring everything melts and thaws. Of course there are ice dams everywhere, and everything floods. Our house is on posts, so it's fine. The well house however is built...
  2. Well Water - Pressure Drop

    Homesteading Questions
    Good Morning. I just moved in to a home on a well for the first time. We've been there about a month with no issues. This morning (colder than normal, frost on the ground, not typical for this area) the water pressure was fine while I brushed my teeth, but about 5 minutes later, my wife was...
  3. Shutting off well water to winterize outdoor faucets

    Homesteading Questions
    I’m a new owner to a home that has well water (first time for me) and I want to winterize my hose line. How can I shut off the water to bleed the water out of the line without burning out my pump or getting air in the line? I have a shut off valve that looks to be after the pump. Can I simply...
  4. Expected well depth in area with many springs

    Homesteading Questions
    My property has allot of water around it ... many springs and such, but faint find one on my property. I was thinking or maybe doing a DIY well instead, seen lots of videos online. According to som documents from the GIS I've seen, the water table is between 3 and 5 feet underground. Based on...
  5. Please critique my well tank plan

    Homestead Construction
    I am breaking one of my own rules here. I usually lurk for several weeks before posting in a new forum, but I need to get this project going so here I go (please let me know if I break etiquette). I have a new property with a new well. The well uses a 1.5HP downhole pump (305' deep) and a...
  6. Type of pipe for springbox

    Homesteading Questions
    I'm interested in developing a spring on my property, I've seen some tutorials on building spring boxes, and I was wondering what the best material and diameter is for running a pipe from the spring to where I want to user the water, Something non - toxic.
  7. Solar Well Pump

    Alternative Energy
    Pro's and Con's of Grundfos and Lorentz well pumps. (Well specs: 105' Static water level, 45' drawdown at 15 GPM. My well is complete and now I'm designing my solar pump. (I'm completely off grid). I have been researching Grundfos and Lorentz pumps what are the pro's and con's...