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  1. Well house in area with recurrent flooding

    Homesteading Questions
    Any ideas on how to fix this? We live on a lot cut out of a large hillside. The snow accumulates all winter, and then each spring everything melts and thaws. Of course there are ice dams everywhere, and everything floods. Our house is on posts, so it's fine. The well house however is built...
  2. Please critique my well tank plan

    Homestead Construction
    I am breaking one of my own rules here. I usually lurk for several weeks before posting in a new forum, but I need to get this project going so here I go (please let me know if I break etiquette). I have a new property with a new well. The well uses a 1.5HP downhole pump (305' deep) and a...
  3. Old 10HP 100GPM Well Pump Voltage??

    Shop Talk
    I have been trying for years to get my well fired up because I could not figure out the voltage. The main problem is that the 25KW Generator walked away years ago and my Dad has since passed away and I have no idea what the voltage is on the pump. The Magnetic Starter/Control Box is still in...