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  1. How-To Threads of the past
    Had to drop this one as well. It has an interesting flavor that is very good when paired with kraut. I make reuben sandwiches with this. I love this especially with homemade kraut.
  2. General Chat
    truly asking this for a friend, who feeds her service dog raw, and lives in Santa Maria, CA. poor pup somehow developed pancreatitis this week. they need to not feed beef and pork at this moment. they can continue to feed chicken/turkey and rabbit, which is what the pup is getting right now...
  3. Homesteading Questions
    Hi. I am new to canning meat. I canned two quart jars of venison. I used the raw pack method. I put in 3 quarts of water and used 10lbs of pressure. I've always canned vegetables using the boiling method so this is the first time I used a pressure canner. I noticed a scalding smell after 86...
  4. Preserving the Harvest
    Here's a unique sausage that would be good one to learn how to make. I don't know the history of this method, but in the case of poverty and another depression, this will be my staple food. It's a whole meal packed in to one casing and extremely cheap and easy to make. Did I mention how...
  5. The Great Outdoors
    Thought I'd share a How-To on making deer bacon. ALSO........ Does anyone have the recipe for the actual seasoning and cure??? This is the only specialty meat I make that I have to buy the pre-made mix.
1-5 of 5 Results