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  1. Dry Fowl Pox?

    Hey y’all, so I work at a vet office and animal control brought in the guy when he was a few weeks old. It’s my first time owning a turkey, and we noticed he had an outbreak of these yellow puss looking things all over his snood, head and beard. From what I’ve researched it’s dry Fowl pox, I was...
  2. Turkey roosting tips

    Hi We have 6 midget whites, 9 weeks old now. They have a fully enclosed roost/ future nesting box area. We put them out there with a fenced run about 3 weeks ago when night got warm enough for them. They arent going in on their own at night....., We're experienced chicken owners, kept them...
  3. Turkey question in Phoenix Area

    We have 6 midget white poults that are growing fast, which is great! We now are planning their permanent housing. We have a location based question, please only answer this thread if you KNOW about the phoenix Arizona area. We also raise chickens, is Blackhead Disease a concern in our area...
  4. Turkey Coop Planning - looking for advice

    Thanks for your help everyone in advance! We want to add heritage turkey to the microfarm in the late spring - planning is key in small spaces (under 1 acre) Here's some questions, initial ideas, and we need feedback before we start the build. Goals - 3 to 5 breeding turkey with initial...