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  1. Tomato horn worms aka caterpillars

    Home Gardens, Market Gardens, and Commercial Crops
    Howdy, I searched this subforum but got no hits on these hungry little critters. We have them on our potato plants, and a few on the tomatoes too. We're fighting them with an "organic" Spinosad product from TLC, with limited success. Has anybody else successfully fought tomato horn worms, and...
  2. Repurposed tomato climbers ... free!

    Gardening & Plant Propagation
    I ordered up 10 tomato climbers from Jeff Bozos, $8 each. Then I got to thinkin, why send money to that weasel if I can build my own objects for the tomatoes, peas, and cucumbers to climb. Voila, a look around the old ranch, a call to a neighbor, and zero dollars later we have one tomato bed...
  3. Interview ep.1 stonebeachpermaculture.

    Home Gardens, Market Gardens, and Commercial Crops
    I had an interview with John from guerrillagrowsomerville you can see his instagram page here. We talked about cultivating tomatoes , some grey water systems and worm farming. The interview itself answered many questions i had and I will try to...