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  1. Gardening & Plant Propagation
    Howdy, We have Bolar Clay Loam over Caliche (what Texans call old limestone). Our soil tested at 7.4 pH, and was only a few inches deep before hitting the Caliche hardpan. We needed more soil depth and lower pH. So I decided to import loam from lower on the land where it accumulates, and...
  2. Gardening & Plant Propagation
    Howdy, our soil is Bolar Clay Loam at 7.4pH. We want 6.5 pH. I tilled in 23lbs/1000sqft of Disper-Sul Pastille 97% sulfur, but the data sheet makes it clear that many weeks will be needed in order to lower pH. They are time release, and only work with moisture and over 70F. Additionally, it...
1-2 of 2 Results