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  1. Cattle
    Hi y'all from Ft. Worth, Texas. Actually Arlington but I don't claim that. I was born in All Saints in Ft. Worth so I'm technically from cowtown lol. Seriously though, I have roughly 3 acres of really good grass with some woods but not much. I would like to buy one calf for slaughter. Not...
  2. Poultry
    Anyone feed their sourdough starter to chickens? I don't use it much in summer so I started feeding it to them and they love it. Wondering if it could be harmful to them? I got my first egg this week! Finally I'm a true chicken woman!! :D
  3. Cooking
    Morning all, I have been looking for a good 1 gallon crock to make a sour dough starter in and I came across something called a cheese crock. Its about 5 inches high and has a bail wire type spring to keep the lid on. This lid locking system would be perfect because I plan to use this starter...
1-3 of 3 Results