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  1. Rabbits
    I’m just getting started with rabbits and I have a small Rex breeding group. I’m getting ready to breed for the first time, but have concerns about one of my does and want to make sure everything is ok before including her in this breeding cycle. I brought this doe home in June and would say...
  2. Meet Jasper :)

    This little boy is my first rabbit since i have decided to reopen my Rabbitry. I started raising back in 2013 in highschool and it was only a year or two project. Well I've missed my buns so I decided to start up again. I also decided to rename my Rabbitry...but there is still some discussion to...
  3. Rabbits
    I have a couple of surviving baby standard rex rabbits, and they look very premature to me. I have seen newly born rabbits of a mixed breed rabbit of around the same size or smaller, and their kits were a lot larger, stronger, and the skin wasn't so red and opaque. Looking at these two kits of...
1-3 of 6 Results