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  1. Need advice on the best place to start a homestead.

    Homesteading Questions
    Hello everyone. We currently live in Ashville, AL. but we are looking to move in the next 5 years so we can be completely off grid and self sustained. I need y'alls advice on the best area to homestead but one of my must haves on the list is great daughter is in elementary school...
  2. Future Homesteaders

    Hello from sunny Arizona. We're originally from Chicago, but living in Arizona for the last 10 years. We recently purchased an acre in Williams, AZ close to Valle, AZ. Currently researching for our future move to the land. Looking to connect with others in the area, and hoping to learn from...
  3. Off Grid creative solar design and installation tutorials via youtube

    Vendor Display
    HI people, I'm a father of two teens, now off making their mark on the world, as I try to use what time I have left here to help people change society as we know it. This is my new , Off Grid Solar Tutorial, Do It Yourself , YouTube channel, and the deep forest challenges I had to overcome in...
  4. Hello from New York.

    I live in a 120 year old house on Long Islands outer suburbs (same house 38 years). I also have a small off grid cabin on 20 acres in the upper Catskills. Out house , Solar (My own design), 2 creeks 1840's hand dug well. My own rifle range and plenty of whitetail deer. I hunt with bow, crossbow...
  5. Gas isn't workable for long-term storage, leaving ... batteries?

    Survival & Emergency Preparedness
    Heck, I can barely keep gas for a month ... a gallon of milk seems to outlast it :) So, as I peruse the old threads, chainsaws, etc., for fuel storage related issues and operation of the things that need gas, I'm coming to the conclusion that off-grid solar is about the only way ... that is...
  6. Clueless

    Alternative Energy
    I’m clueless on this topic and looking for advise or help from someone with more knowledge. We have our appt at our raw land 11.50acres with our local electrical co op on Monday morning. At this appt I’m suppose to find out how far I can go back from FM rd if I want overhead or buried if I want...
  7. Homesteading in Detroit completely off grid

    Homesteading Questions
    Two years ago our family began struggling to pay our bills and decided to go off grid with what little money we had saved. We ended up purchasing a vacant block around the corner from our home,installing our solar panels and set up shop in our rv on our new land. Now, we have become a non-profit...
  8. Oklahoma solar projects. Classes?

    Alternative Energy
    Anyone in central Oklahoma that needs help with, or wants to work on solar together? I help people design their own systems and help them install them. I am a college professor that enjoys teaching and the more people that know about solar and wind power the better. I have posted a few...
  9. Solar Well Pump

    Alternative Energy
    Pro's and Con's of Grundfos and Lorentz well pumps. (Well specs: 105' Static water level, 45' drawdown at 15 GPM. My well is complete and now I'm designing my solar pump. (I'm completely off grid). I have been researching Grundfos and Lorentz pumps what are the pro's and con's...