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  1. Alternative Energy
    I was wondering if anyone personally installed or had used solar tube or sky lights? I wanted to know someone's personal experience because I'm considering to install some this winters. But I'm bit confused as I read quite a good amount of material on internet but received mixed opinion in each...
  2. Alternative Energy
    Hello, what golf cart 12v deep cell battery is made in US? Google is useless. It's the AOL of internet browsers. All paid advertising. Thanks
  3. Homestead Construction
    Hello, I'm about to come into possession of a Woodmizer LT40 Hyd. I'm interested in what others with sawmills have done in the way of a structure to protect the sawmill from rain. Also, there is a reasonable chance any structure I build will end up with solar panels mounted on the roof so it...
  4. Alternative Energy
    Has anyone used any electric vehicle batteries as a battery bank for off grid solar or wind? I have access to a large number of batteries and am looking for advice on how to use them and which ones are preferred. Please let me know. (If anyone is looking for any EV batteries let me know and I...
  5. Cooking
    does anyone used one of these products? how many mins it takes to cook meat in solar oven?
  6. Alternative Energy
    Every day more and more people are choosing to become energy independent and less dependent on the electrical grid. Even those who choose to remain connected to the grid (Grid Tied), are opting to add some form of alternative energy to reduce their utility bills and become less dependent on the...
1-6 of 6 Results