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  1. Rainwater Harvesting - Anyone have experience?

    How-To Threads of the past
    Our acre of land doesn't have water or access to a well since drilling is cost prohibitive due to the depth of the water table. We will have to bring water in and collect rainwater. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations on how to successfully go about this? We've been doing...
  2. It snowed last night: I suppose that means Indian Summer is over.

    Country Singletree
    The trees were at their peak of color and they all froze, and as the leaves thaw out they are all falling off of the trees. It sounds like it is raining outside but it is really the sound of many falling leaves: I expect the trees will all be bare in 2 hour's time. And, we have a glut of bok...
  3. Natural ice and snow removal/Volcanic winter field prep

    Survival & Emergency Preparedness
    So I had to try and remove a bit of snow from a path but did not want to shovel and did not want to use salt because it drained into a small swale where I want to grow stuff. So I used 1 day supply of charcoal from the heating stove. If winter was hanging around a bit longer than I liked I...
  4. Open Cell/Permeable Paver vs Concrete driveways

    Homestead Construction
    So, we have a lot of linear feet we need turn into a driveway. It is roughly 500 feet from the entrance of the property to where we want to have the house built. I am looking to see if anyone has experience with open cell or permeable pavers as a driveway this long vs having concrete poured...