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  1. Homesteading Questions
    Hey there, I am responsible for two lovely Nubian dwarf goats at my work. They’re both females and about 10 years old. Recently we’ve been concerned by how much one of the goats seems to be laying in the sun. Even on hot days! Even when her sister takes shelter in the shed. She’ll do this in...
  2. Cattle
    Hello! New here, and not sure if this is where I should be posting. I’m looking for opinions on our calf’s condition. He was born Dec 2 and has been on a bottle from day 1. Brown Swiss, sweet baby - irrelevant. We live in Texas, he has a small stable for protection from wind and rain. On very...
  3. Goats
    I am working with a 27 day old Nigerian Dwarf kid. He is one of four, all healthy at birth. The short version is this: He has been sick for ten days. 4 different antibiotics have been tried at this point, none have managed symptoms for longer than a day (two days TOPS). Symptoms include...
  4. Poultry
    I have a week old pekin that has grown gradually more weak over the last 2 days. I didn’t know to give her probiotic powder in water til today but she won’t eat or drink much. She can barely move and makes just squeaking sounds. Can anyone help??
  5. Poultry
    I am a brand new chick owner and I have 1 out of 10 that is not growing as quickly and seems to be more lethargic than the others. Help!!!
  6. Goats
    I have a buckling born late February of this year, and he's always lethargic. He doesn't run around and play with the other kids. The only times he runs are when I have the bottle bucket. He likes to stand by himself a lot. He's not wormy, and I don't see any other symptoms of what could be...
1-6 of 6 Results