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sick lambs

  1. My lamb is lethargic and will not eat.

    My lame is 4 1/2 days old. He was a rough delivery. His front leg was bent underneath him so needed to be repositioned. I’m not sure how long mom was in labor and not sure how long he had been in the birth canal. After working with him for several hours he was finally able to set up. It took him...
  2. Sick Twin Lambs - Seizures

    Twin Lambs, Male/female on first year ewe.Ewes fed cracked corn & alfalfa. At 3 weeks the twins became lethargic we had a couple cooler nights so I gave them 1cc Pen (eve) then 1 cc the next day (am/pm) of the following day both were back to normal and remained normal for the week until a week...