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  1. Gardening & Plant Propagation
    hi all here is a quick video on how i grow my potatoes providing a lot of easy calories without any special tools.
  2. Survival & Emergency Preparedness
    Tell me your Zombie preparedness plan. Is it the same as your general SHTF plan or would it be different? Zombies seem like less of a SHTF and more of a TEOTWAWKI
  3. Survival & Emergency Preparedness
    The difference... Bugging out is not camping. Bugging in is not homesteading. Survival gear and skills is not the same as SHTF gear and skills. The difference is not self sufficiency. Lots of people go on multi-week (or month) hiking trips through wilderness or live completely off their own...
  4. Survival Writers' Corner
    Some one took my GRILL! Erick Jones glared in outrage at the patio where his grill had been. The grill, the carefully gathered twigs and branches..... all of it gone. Nothing to show it had ever existed, excepting for a line of large muddy footprints that crossed the middle of his bean garden...
1-4 of 4 Results