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  1. Never ending bloat?

    Fairly new to sheep, we have a jacob ram that appears to have a case of never ending bloat. We first noticed that his stomach looked huge and even though he was still acting completely normal, we did the baking soda drench in a panic, thinking he was close to death based on all we had read about...
  2. My sheep are coughing!

    I recently boutght five dorper/katahdin mixes that are 2-3 months old and I have seen them all cough over the course of a week. It really sounds like they are trying to hack something up. I dewormed them when I got them. I really don't know what it is because I don't see any other symptoms. They...
  3. Help...Sheep Head Scabs...???

    Anyone know what problem this is? White ewe has large raw scab on crown and scab streaks on side of face. Has not been injured. Otherwise healthy and acting normal. Just had twin lambs that are doing well. Started noticing her face looking odd about a week ago. Took these pictures today and it...
  4. Month old premie

    Hi all, we have a month old ewe lamb- she was born a premie at a whopping max 2lbs. She has overcome pneumonia, and was unable to stand and walk from the get go- we have seen the vet 2x. BoSe has been administered as well as dexamethasone and vitamins a, b and d. We didn’t see super results...
  5. Knicked Teat When Shearing

    Hello... I was attempting hand shearing for the first time and did knick the tip of my ewe's teat. We added hydrogen peroxide pretty immediately, and the bleeding stopped fairly quickly... Is there any other advice of what I should do? Also, does this mean she is now compromised and shouldn't...
  6. LGD (Livestock Guard Dogs) Puppies Available January 2019

    LGD puppies - Available January - expecting litter of 10-12 pups. Anatolian/Akbash/Great Pyrenees/Maremma For those of you who are not familiar with LGD's, below is a bit of information. These are ancient breeds that have been around for 1000's of years as working dogs, protecting and living...
  7. What to do with a small wether sheep?

    Homesteading Questions
    Sorry in advance for the long explanation... I've got a wether lamb who was born on March 30th of this year. He's smaller than a ewe that was just born 2 weeks his head is about the size of a baseball and he weighs around 15-20 pounds. I don't know if he's so much smaller because his...
  8. Health issues after hybrid wolf attack on sheep

    Last Monday, April 16, my sheep were attacked by hybrid wolf dogs (3 adults and 6 puppies). We had no idea there were any in the area. They killed 4 of the 19 ewes and 5 of 22 lambs. We are lucky our neighbor's dogs heard the commotion and sprung into action to run the predators off. The weird...
  9. Hardy sheep from frisia ?

    Hello i want to ask what breeds of sheep come from frisa ( friesland east frisa and north frisa and the surrounding areas ). and what ones are good for wool and are hardy in the cold. also which ones are available in western Canada . thanks a lot for the help:)
  10. hair sheep shedding too much?

    Hi all! I'm new here and new to sheep so looking for advice. I have a 5 year old St Croix hair sheep who lambed (ewe twins) about 4 weeks ago. I sit with them every evening and give carrots to momma and socialize the babies (momma was never handled and doesn't like or trust people). Last...
  11. Breeding sheep and goats

    so does any one use the preventative vaccine prior to breeding sheep and goats? Like the vibriosis or enzootic shot-vaccines? When do you give the shot? If so, where do you get them/buy them? What are they called? Are they worth the money, or necessary?
  12. Looking To Purchase Wiltshire Horn Sheep

    If there is anyone in the midwest that has any to sell. Looking to buy around 15-20 ewes and a ram but will settle for whatever we can find. Let me know, thanks!
  13. That thing you aren't supposed to do with sheep

    I just bought a little ewe last week. I'm supposed to pick her up tomorrow. She is coming from a farm with a parasite problem. No you don't buy those sheep BUT...I couldn't just leave this beautiful little lady there! No grass... lots of mud. She seemed perfectly healthy...good gums and...
  14. Vitalix Tub Causing Bloat in Sheep?

    Hello, Until recently, we only had two ewes. They are on pasture, but it is dead (no irrigation). We were feeding alfalfa, but noticed the sheep looked pregnant or bloated. We have always offered the Vitalix Tub (formulated for sheep) to meet their free choice mineral requirement and give them...
  15. New Member from southern Missouri

    Hi new member here. I have been a troll here on this forum for a while now going through and reading a lot of the threads. My Wife and I are originaly from Florida up until a couple of yrs. ago. We bought a few acres in south east Mo. close to the Arkansas line. We started a homestead here and...
  16. Minerals

    I know that sheep can not use goat minerals because of the copper. My question is can goats have sheep minerals if you also copper bolus. I don’t know if sheep minerals would have every thing a goat needs (other then copper)
  17. Bottle Lambs- Feeding

    I have two bottle lambs twins that I got at 4 days old. They are now 5 weeks old and weighing 24.5lb and 20.3lb. This is also my first time raising lambs. My question is, how many times a day should I be feeding? I'm currently feeding three times a day, about a pint or less each at every...