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  1. Sheep
    I had a lamb born today blind in his left eye and with shorter left legs than the right ones. He's hobbling around right now and nurses, but can they adapt to survive like this comfortably? Or is it better to just have him put down?
  2. Sheep
    We are new to Sheep showing, my son is in third grade. Is there any way to harden a soft lamb?
  3. Sheep
    Today was hard, we woke and found that 1 of our 2 ewes seriously injured her back foot. After vet declared injury too bad to salvage we are forced to send 1 ewe to butcher early. Next hard choice I want some help with - 1 ewe is very lonely, we have her 1/2 brother an intact ram - he is penned...
  4. Sheep
    Hello yall! Im new here and really glad to have found such a forum!! I got sheeps, no pastures. In a 6x6 shed with a 12x8 fenced yard for them. Just got their feces tested and the worm count is very high. I read some places that they feed garlic in molasses or oil. Any of you tried and could...
  5. Sheep
    I found these a while back. This guy was a shepherd of very large flocks in the UK for many years. I think he has a lot of great information to share. He has a whole series of these. Check them out.
1-5 of 5 Results