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sheep care

  1. Sheep showing, any way to harden a soft lamb

    We are new to Sheep showing, my son is in third grade. Is there any way to harden a soft lamb?
  2. Lone sheep - need advice for company

    Today was hard, we woke and found that 1 of our 2 ewes seriously injured her back foot. After vet declared injury too bad to salvage we are forced to send 1 ewe to butcher early. Next hard choice I want some help with - 1 ewe is very lonely, we have her 1/2 brother an intact ram - he is penned...
  3. Deworming sheeps

    Hello yall! Im new here and really glad to have found such a forum!! I got sheeps, no pastures. In a 6x6 shed with a 12x8 fenced yard for them. Just got their feces tested and the worm count is very high. I read some places that they feed garlic in molasses or oil. Any of you tried and could...
  4. Informative Lambing Videos

    I found these a while back. This guy was a shepherd of very large flocks in the UK for many years. I think he has a lot of great information to share. He has a whole series of these. Check them out.