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  1. Sheep
    4 wk old bottle lamb with bad scours. it started two days ago, there was mucus with blood instead of his normal poop. Its been less mucusy but is dark brown and the lamb seems to be acting a little down. He is getting over frostbite and his back foot is falling off as well as an ear tip but we...
  2. Cattle
    I have a 2 month (approx.) Jersey calf, around 100lbs. We’re on day 4 of scours and I need help. Noticed there was an issue Monday morning (everything seemed good Sunday evening). She seemed weak, wasn’t as eager to get up as she normally is - slowly got up on her own. She drank her milk...
  3. Cattle
    Q: Age and breed of the animal. A: Three or four days, jersey bull calf (picked him up at the dairy today) Q: Temperature--normal is 100-103 A: 102.x Q: Is it dehydrated (usually in calves)? A: A little. Skin tents but doesn't remain so for very long. Q: What and how much have you been...
1-3 of 3 Results