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  1. Homesteading Questions
    Do you think living near a vineyard/orchard could have negative health effects on a homestead family and their garden? I'm thinking about the heavy chemicals they may use. It seems like wherever you go, there are some toxins...
  2. Preserving the Harvest
    We were given a bounty of dried bulk foods when a neighbor moved into assisted living. Included is a 55lb bag of organic whole wheat bread flour that is dated 1999. It was sealed, plastic wrapped and kept in a dry, dark, pest free storage all of this time. I opened it and have found no smell...
  3. Survival & Emergency Preparedness
    I just put a post up >>HERE<< on my blog with a quick summary of some of the pandemic books on my shelf. Just wanted to share it with y'all! Excerpt; "Given the current circumstances being presented to the public about a virus stemming from the Wuhan region of China (2019-2020 novel corona...
1-3 of 3 Results