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  1. Poultry
    i got all my chickens from a lady who didnt want them. (minus my silver laced, i raised those from a day old myself. ) the red ones (Rhode Island Red) and the white one (Leghorn)where easy to figure out. , but she had no idea the breed of the rooster , said it was a silky , but i know hes not...
  2. Homesteading Questions
    Hey all. New here. We’re moving from our urban farm where we have three hens (about 2 years old), to a rural area where we are acquiring the Rooster from the owners of the land we’re buying. Any recommendations for bringing our girls into his space?
  3. Poultry
    My mom culled 7 chicks out of her flock for me to start my own. 2 of them turned out to be roosters, and I don't need 2 for such a small flock. I'm pretty sure I could do a halfway decent job, but are there any tips and tricks to get it done quickly, cleanly, and most of all humanely?
  4. Country Singletree
    Watching the roster do his "Happy dance" when you give the flock a great heap of turkey bones and crushed eggshells! STOMP those feet! Left-right left-right left-right left-right! Cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck come and GET it ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I am easily amused)
1-4 of 4 Results