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  1. Online Recipe Book
    How do you make sourdough buttermilk waffles and gum-free gluten-free without any electricity? I want to make waffles without being reliant on baking soda, baking powder, cream of tartar, white vinegar nor any gluten free ingredients. Why? How can I be self-sufficient if i'm still being so...
  2. Online Recipe Book
    How do you make corn tortillas without masa harina?
  3. Online Recipe Book
    How can I make fried seasoned curly fries without a $10 one-use spiralizer?
  4. Online Recipe Book How do you make Unsulphured Molasses?
  5. Online Recipe Book
    Out of curiosity HT, Can a homesteader make cornstarch from scratch?
  6. Online Recipe Book
    As a SoCal native, I've eaten at the best Mexican restaurants that have ceiling fans and Telemundo/futbol on the restaurant TVs in the dining area. My fondest memory eating there is getting their cheese enchiladas with double Mexican rice & chips and salsa. I can tell which place is the real...
  7. Online Recipe Book
    All google got me for how to malt barley how to make malt from barley - Google Search
  8. Online Recipe Book
    How would you make better versions of these Hot Cereals from whole grains: 1.) Malt-O-Meal Hot Cereal: A Warm & Hearty Breakfast Option 2.) Maypo Instant Maple Flavored Oatmeal 3.) Maltex Hot Wheat Cereal 4.) Wheatena 5.)
  9. Online Recipe Book
    Would anyone try puffing rice using sand?
  10. Online Recipe Book
    This is for those who want to make cereal from scratch beyond granola, muesli and grape-nuts. Plus, This is for those skeptics who believe a home cook needs special equipment to make cereal. 1.) Homemade Rice Krispies Cereal 2.) 3.) Homemade cocoa pops recipe | BBC Good Food 4.) 5.)...
  11. Online Recipe Book
    Out of curiosity, Will How to Make Easy Emergency Bread work with Homemade Two-Ingredient Chocolate Chips | Amy's Healthy Baking
  12. Online Recipe Book
    I want to turn homemade cookie crisp cereal up a level by making mini chocolate chips because I know homemade tastes better than store-bought. Here's what google got me: how to make mini chocolate chips - Google Search
  13. Dairy
    I want to make my own powdered milk but is it possible to make it without electricity? Just imagine, a blackout caused by (name-your-disaster-here) have prevented you from freezing your milk plus you already made alot of butter, buttermilk, cheese, clabbered milk, yogurt, kefir and home-canned...
  14. Online Recipe Book
    I want to make my own Instant ramen down to the brick because that's the kind of homesteader I am. I googled it and found nothing. I know I can make my own ramen noodles but Is it possible to make my homemade ramen noodles look like this? Brick of ramen noodles stock photo. Image of fast...
  15. Online Recipe Book
    Is there a frugal way to make my own tallow?
  16. Online Recipe Book
    I want to plant the ingredients for my favorite ingredients because that's the kind of beginner homesteader.,to%20grow%20a%20usable%20pepper. How can I make my favorite hot...
  17. Dairy
    I've seen vintage cereal ads that told consumers to pour milk or cream over their cereal. I tried half-and-half and heavy whipping cream over my cereal, It tasted like cheese. I want to try cream over my cereal because I believe cream will taste supreme over chocolate cereal like cocoa pebbles...
  18. Online Recipe Book
    I want to make hotel-quality buttermilk and chocolate-chip pancakes from scratch at home because They're so delicious.
  19. Dairy
    How can a beginner homesteader make butter, butternilk, Cream, Powdered Butter, Powdered Buttermilk and Powdered Cream straight from a cow?
  20. Dairy
    How can a beginner homesteader make Unsalted Butter Chips | Dairy using homemade butter?
1-20 of 32 Results