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  1. Fiber Arts
    Is loom knitting better than traditional knitting?
  2. General Chat
    Out of curiosity, How can I check the weather forecast without electricity?
  3. General Chat
    Is there anyone from this forum who are pinterest users? Here's my account: Nestlefuno (nestlefuno) - Profile | Pinterest What do you think of my account? What should I name my homesteading board? What pins are best for it?
  4. Homesteading Questions
    Before I start growing and harvesting food (which will take place in the future), I want to get a better picture of what crops a homesteader grow and harvest. What crops do you grow and harvest HT? What foods and non-alcoholic drinks do you make out of your crops?
  5. General Chat I don't know why but everytime I see and hear about "The Pioneer Woman", it burns my biscuits because I don't think she's a real Pioneer. She calls herself a Pioneer just because she's married to a rancher. Her marriage may be fact but her practice...
  6. Homesteading Questions
    Since your homestead is your personal factory/supermarket, What products would you make besides baked goods, dairy products, etc. How would you make your larder look like a supermarket?
  7. Dairy
    What does the homesteading community think of home dehydrating milk and chocolate?
1-7 of 7 Results