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  1. More Experienced Homesteaders: Please Help Me Decide Between Two Properties

    Homesteading Questions
    Good morning fellow homesteaders! I am a novice, looking to buy a homestead property. I have found two but they each come with drawbacks that I am trying to decide between. Charming House, Oddly Laid Out Property, No Pond This property has 2 new outbuildings and enough electric fences to...
  2. Feeling the dream fade

    Homesteading Questions
    With interest rates climbing, it looks like another year in AZ before making the move to quiet rural living:( We’ve been a bit Overwhelmed lately with everything that goes into buying a large property. I thought it would be just like buying a normal house, something I’ve done four times, but...
  3. Lot Line Confusion

    Real Estate
    Can anyone explain how lot lines work onZillow? A lot of the properties we are looking at show other homes within the lot lines when you click on the satellite image. Also, what is “pond” when listed under the water section? As in, a pond I’d tge source of water fir the property? Thank you...
  4. What are you thoughts on this?

    Homesteading Questions
    I am a 40-year-old man in not so great health. I probably will not make it to 60. At age 35, I had surgery to remove precancerous lesions from my colon. I have had spinal stenosis since I was young. At age 40, earlier this year, it was discovered that I have had a pituitary tumor since at least...