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  1. Poultry
    Hello, so, we are gearing up to butcher a batch of broilers in 2 weeks. We've butchered and processed on a small scale no problem, but this year we are beginning to sell frozen for retail and I'm trying to wrap my mind around the process. Our plan is to use the heat shrinking bags. My question...
  2. Rabbits
    I have a 2 yr old New Zealand breeding doe that has developed sore hocks. She's on wire. We've never had this problem before in any of our other rabbits. We're going to put her down- we have her only for breeding/meat production and she wasn't productive at all with that. My hubby is...
  3. Cattle
    I am having trouble finding clear answers on this. I would love it if someone could post the link to the actual law or code that defines this. I am trying to figure out what the process is to be able to sell retail cuts of meat from our farm. At like farmers markets etc. we will be wanting to...
1-3 of 3 Results