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  1. Mini pig mates with Yorkshire boar

    We have a mini pig that has just been a pet really. There is a Yorkshire boar that got out a few months back from a farm down the road and our piggie was smitten. She got out and ran the street with him before we realized what happened. ‍♀️ We fixed the fence and built her a new enclosure so it...
  2. Is our ewe pregnant???!

    Hi, we are new to sheep, new to homesteading, taking on a lot this summer and would like seasoned opinions and advice please! We acquired 6 sheep Dorper/ St Croix mix, 4yr old ewe, 2yr old, 3 spring lambs from these 2 & unrelated Dorper ram (father of 3 spring lambs) about 6 weeks ago. Old...
  3. Pregnant doe with a hernia like bulge

    I have a nearly four year old doe who is pregnant with her third set of kids, about a month after taking her away from our buck she developed something that appears to be a hernia, it hasn’t gotten any bigger, also doesn’t appear to cause her pain, but I was wondering if it would be safe to...
  4. Goat’s First Freshening Question!!!

    Hey there. My goat, Dolly is definitely approaching her due date! The problem is... we are unaware of when she bred, so we are stuck playing a seriously exciting guessing game! Please view photos and let me know your thoughts! Days or Weeks?!? That is my question!! Here are some key notes: -...
  5. New to pigs.. is my pig pregnant?

    Hello all: Not only am I new here, but I am new to pigs. We moved into a new home and 2 weeks later woke up to a pair of pigs wandering the property. No one has claimed them, so we are the owners of a male/female pair. Never having a farm animal other than an occasional mouse, we are learning as...
  6. Are my sows pregnant? First timer

    Hello! I have 3 sows I had a boar with for 2 months. Several breedings witnessed, one atleast on each sow. I have two white (one with ear tag) and one black. The first breeding was white sow with ear tag, her first possible due date is June 24....the other white one was bred between March 5-12...