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  1. Alternative Energy
    Hello We just bought a 7500w Dual fuel Champion portable generator for emergencies. My plan is to build a small shed in the far corner of the back yard for it,behind a larger shed that has power that I can run a trickle charger from when the genny is not in use. The location of the new shed is...
  2. Alternative Energy
    Good Day folks, For many years companies have focused on Large Commercial Turbines and of course certifications & testing of them but very little attention was focussed on the small turbine market. The result was in a sense a sort of Wild West and a number of scams and cheapo's occurred over...
  3. Homesteading Questions
    I am running a service wire 150' underground from my meter to a singlewide trailer, what type and size wires should I use?
1-3 of 3 Results