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  1. Dead Chicken, but how?

    I started raising chickens this year and lost my first chicken. Not a big deal, but I'm not sure what killed it. I now have 14 young chicken (2 months old). Walking up to the coop I noticed about 6 small dig holes that were only about 1-2 inches deep. I found the chick inside the locked up coop...
  2. Need help please!! Duck attacked

    Last night something got into my coop and killed one of my chickens and severely injured one of my ducks. The gentleman at the feed mill said he probably wont make it due to his injuries. What can i do to help him? I refuse to accept that he wont make it
  3. Golden Comet Hens Nc

    Where can I buy Spent Hens at in NC ?
  4. Chicken Coop Build

    Would anybody be interested in sharing what their coop looks like? I built my own from scratch and would really like everybody else to show theirs off. I love seeing the different styles. here is mine! If anybody is interested, I have a video tour on my blog. here is the link...