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  1. Pigs
    Hi there! I recently bought two miniature potbelly pigs, who are brother and sister. I've had them for about two weeks now, and they are still scared of me. I had a potbelly many years ago, and never had this problem with her. She loved me after the 2nd day of bringing her home. But these two I...
  2. Pigs
    Hello! I was given a pretty large potbelly gilt. I am wanting to breed her to a more meat type boar, but not wanting to hurt her. She is close to 2 years old and weighs around 250. She is in good shape. Any feeder hogs? Or should I stick with another PBP partner? Thanks!
  3. Pigs
    I have a three year old potbelly pig and her eyes have been healthy until now, does anyone know what this is? The area around her eye is swollen and there is a layer of white stuff over her eye
1-3 of 3 Results