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  1. Pressure Canning Pork Belly

    Preserving the Harvest
    Has anyone ever pressure canned pork belly? I searched this forum for 'pork belly' but did not find any reference to pressure canning it. I've found a few links via Google, but thought I would ask the experts here for their opinion. I ordered a brisket to be delivered; what arrived was Pork...
  2. Pricing your Pork

    Hey everyone, I was curious what most of you charge for your pork. Here in West Virginia, I have been selling mine for $3.00/ hang weight plus processing. Just wondering what others are charging. I was also wondering if anyone ever raises an extra pig and has the entire hog made into...
  3. Best Meat Quality?

    I just wanted to get some opinions from those who know. I am wanting just a couple feeders for my family and some close friends. I would like a darker/more red meat with good marbling. Also, the more bacon the better (that goes without saying I am sure). What breeds should I be on the look out...
  4. Selling meat in Michigan

    I am having trouble finding clear answers on this. I would love it if someone could post the link to the actual law or code that defines this. I am trying to figure out what the process is to be able to sell retail cuts of meat from our farm. At like farmers markets etc. we will be wanting to...