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  1. Homesteading Questions
    Hello all, I was doing some home brewing and I have pigs and chickens. Is it safe to feed the leftover grain to them? I know people use fermented feed but, that doesn't usually involve added sugars and alcohol.
  2. Pigs
    This guy Seems like a good guy. Check out his channel if so inclined. I have no idea what his politics are if that's an issue.
  3. Homesteading Questions
    Hey everyone. First time poster here. This is the first year that we have tried having any livestock, and we started with a Berkshire/Mangalista cross of pigs. We’ve got 3 gilts and had one boar but we butchered him last weekend. A little over a week ago, I found this wound on one of my gilts’...
  4. Pigs
    We’re in SE Ohio / western W Virginia… I’ve been preparing woodland/pasture for pigs and now ready to buy a couple sows and a boar for breeding. Looking for first time breeds. Idaho pasture pigs have been suggested to me, but open other breeds as well. Willing to drive within a reasonable...
  5. Pigs
    What started out as purchasing a piglet to raise for butchering has now become a completely different situation. I am enjoying my pig so much and we have decided to keep her alive as our pet for as long as we are financially able. We have been feeding Masterfeeds 16% Hog Grower pellet in a...
  6. Pigs
    Hello all, I have come up with an affordable swine feed mix for our 3 Duroc/Berkshire feeder pigs, and the nutrient calculations seem ok to me without a premix. It is a sorghum, oats, wheat, sunflower meal, rice protein, and cracked peas mix. They also get some table scraps but don't have...
  7. Pigs
    Hi everyone! We have 10 pigs that we are raising and butchering with some family and friends. We want to get the most meat and fat out of the pigs and waste as little as possible. I know growing up when we hung our deer or other game, we would gut it, put a stick in the ribcage, and leave it to...
  8. Pigs
    Hi Everyone, Longtime listener, first-time caller. Or whatever the internet forum equivalent is. Anyway, I have three hogs (~80 lbs) that I am finishing. I believe they are Yorkshire mixes, but each of them has a distinctive color pattern of pink, brown and black. Over the last couple of...
  9. Homesteading Questions
    I live on a little over 1.5 acres and a good chunk is heavily wooded still. I plan on clearing paths in this area during winter when everything dies and there is no risk of snakes. I have started raising meat rabbits a few months ago (I wanted them before corona became well known but couldn't...
  10. Pigs
    Is it possible? The boars are brothers about 6/7 months old, raised together since birth, get along great so far. We are thinking of selling off their two sisters and getting two unrelated gilts and keeping them together. Thoughts? We are totally new to pigs, advice welcome!
  11. Pigs
    I have a three year old potbelly pig and her eyes have been healthy until now, does anyone know what this is? The area around her eye is swollen and there is a layer of white stuff over her eye
  12. Pigs
    We are new to homesteading and would like to have a pig or two. What is a good breed with good yield and easy to handle? Best for newbies?
  13. Pigs
    Hi. I have a 4 year old Male pig . He is castrated. he hasn't seen another pig since I've brought him home. He's lived with dogs in the past. Is it possible to introduce him to another pig? Would another castrated male be better or female? Any pig we bring home would definitely be a baby!!
  14. Introductions
    Just bought a homestead in Duvall, WA (literally just in time to get out of Bellevue where the majority of Washington Covid-19 cases are). We're on a 14 acre lot (10 of which is forested / Native Growth Retention Area). We're just getting our garden setup for a variety of crops (tomatoes...
  15. Barter Board
    IMG_0513 by Rb's Memaw posted Mar 7, 2020 at 11:34 AMIMG_0515 by Rb's Memaw posted Mar 7, 2020 at 11:34 AMIMG_0518 by Rb's Memaw posted Mar 7, 2020 at 11:34 AMIMG_0519 by Rb's Memaw posted Mar 7, 2020 at 11:34 AMIMG_0507 by Rb's Memaw posted Mar 7, 2020 at 11:34 AM These fine young boars were...
  16. Pigs
    So some friends have expressed interest in purchasing feeder hogs from me next year. I would raise and feed out, take to butcher. They pay butcher fees. My question is if any of you guys take deposits, and how much you usually take. Also, how do you determine the final price of the hog...
  17. Pigs
    I just wanted to get some opinions from those who know. I am wanting just a couple feeders for my family and some close friends. I would like a darker/more red meat with good marbling. Also, the more bacon the better (that goes without saying I am sure). What breeds should I be on the look out...
  18. Pigs
    Hello, My daughter currently a senior at Turlock High School. This was her first year being in FFA and she purchased a Hampshire pig from "Small Town Genetics". Her pig's name is Coop and he is a male. When she purchased him, he was only 35 pounds and he's currently weighing in at about 255...
  19. Pigs
    So I have 4 acres of green pasture with some trees fenced in. I plan on doing 3 hot wires to keep the goats and dogs from rubbing on the fence. I want to have my 16 chickens, 3 goats, 3 pigs (AGH so should be docile enough to not kill the chickens), and 2 live stock guardian dogs in this fence...
  20. Pigs
    Hay guys I am working on a post apocalyptic story. If you no longer has access to commercial wormers how would you worm your pigs?
1-20 of 22 Results