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  1. Keeping a wallow "clean".

    Hi y'all, Another newbie question- I've seen it said (on the internet) that one must keep a wallow clean for the maximum benefit. I've seen the pigs pee in the wallow, and I understand that there might be some feces included. I can testify that the wallow is the stinkiest place in the...
  2. Donkeys and a pig in Santa Ynez, California

    Hi everyone! I'm new to being a donkey and pig mom. I grew up with burros, but did not do the caretaking on a daily basis. But now I have a big guard donkey who was found in the Mohave desert years ago, 2 mini jennets, 2 young gelded mini Mediterranean donkeys, and a 10 year old pot belly pig...
  3. Mini pig mates with Yorkshire boar

    We have a mini pig that has just been a pet really. There is a Yorkshire boar that got out a few months back from a farm down the road and our piggie was smitten. She got out and ran the street with him before we realized what happened. ‍♀️ We fixed the fence and built her a new enclosure so it...
  4. Cooking Tainted Boar Meat

    Had my boar slaughtered. During that time heard about boar taint. I had my boar to close to my sow during her farrow time. The butcher warned me. The smell and sometimes taste is over powering. But i dont want to waist the meat. Ive searched and cant find any recipes online. Only heard mexican...
  5. New pot bellied pig?

    Hi. I have a 4 year old Male pig . He is castrated. he hasn't seen another pig since I've brought him home. He's lived with dogs in the past. Is it possible to introduce him to another pig? Would another castrated male be better or female? Any pig we bring home would definitely be a baby!!
  6. Animal by-products in food

    I've listened to some pasture Pig Farmers talk proudly about not feeding their pigs "Animal by-products". I don't get it. Aren't pigs omnivores? Even if you're not feeding pigs animal by-products, aren't they eating animals in the field? A mouse, rat, rabbit, bird, chicken eggs, etc, the pig...
  7. Moving a pig

    Hello. I have a 150+ Jullian pig, who I need to move from Eugene, Oregon to Ellensburg, Washington. I only have a car and dont have a horse trailer. What other safe options could I use?
  8. Pigs for Sale in East Texas

    Our Red Wattle and Hampshire Cross pigs are pasture and grain fed with no hormones. They have a mild temperament. They produce an exceptionally lean meat that has been described as flavorful and tender. They have a gentle nature. Our Pigs are hormone free, antibiotic free, and are healthy and...
  9. bad animal owners

    Please forgive my spelling, English is hard for me This is a rant/ funny story My husband and I are driving to work at around six, I see a group of dogs on the side of the road I am keeping a close eye on them in case they start to run out in front of us. My husband slows down for the same...
  10. Farrowing gilt

    General Chat
    Here is some pictures of my farrowing gilt. I've read alot of different posts on here and got alot of different advice from it all which I really appreciate. I'm curious what you guys and gals think about my pig. She is very young, accidentally got pregnant during her first heat. She is not...
  11. HELP! Pig foaming at mouth

    Homesteading Questions
    We are semi-new to the pig raising "business". We newly acquired 3 Wessex pigs about a week ago. Two of them are around 60-70 lbs and one is about 125 lbs. They are all females. Well, last night one of the smaller ones dig under the fence (which is actually buried in the ground some) and got out...
  12. How to cure Wild Hog for Bacon

    Last year I cured some wild hog meat for hams and it turned out great. Back in February, a man called me to see if I wanted a big sow he shot. I said yes (I hate wasting good meat). She was huge. Weighed maybe 250lb. She was also the fattest wild hog I had ever seen. So I decided to cure...