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  1. Working and Companion Animals
    What are some of your best remedies for flea infestations? Mine is salt and lime. Dissolve two cups of lime pellets (not slate lime) into a full bath. Dip each animal, making sure all fur is soaked. Let them air dry. Then take the remainder of the bath and spray around the house/shelters...
  2. Working and Companion Animals
    I'm a tiny hobby companion breeder of a purebred working gundog (but today is mostly just a companion breed). Being a [former] purebred elitist I can tell you that getting a closed stud book breed club to sanction an outcross to improve a breed and widen a gene pool is next to impossible unless...
  3. Working and Companion Animals
    We have two litters, one 15 weeks old and the other 8 weeks old, for sale in the South Florida area by reputable breeder. AKC bloodlines, up to date with vaccines, and ideal family pets. Call 305.310.0477 for individual pricing and to arrange the purchase and pick-up of your next pet today!
1-3 of 3 Results