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  1. Working and Companion Animals
    About an hour ago I walked into my laundry room to see my dog sitting in his bed with the plastic pieces of a cloth harness. I searched everywhere for the rest of it but I couldn’t find any sign of it. I’m guessing he ate it... it’s a pretty large harness made out of pretty much leash material...
  2. General Chat
    I don't know if the person is still on the forums but 13 years ago somebody posted about a bloodhound puppy in Maryland that needed a home. We drove from North Carolina to Maryland to pick up this 4 month old puppy. we have had her for 13 years and she passed away today after a Year's battle...
  3. Pigs
    Hello. I have a 150+ Jullian pig, who I need to move from Eugene, Oregon to Ellensburg, Washington. I only have a car and dont have a horse trailer. What other safe options could I use?
1-3 of 3 Results