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  1. Free Permaculture Online Resources

    Homesteading Questions
    What are your favourite Permaculture resources on the web? What are your favourite Permaculture courses (free and paid) ? Here the one from the Noosa Forest Retreat: Permaculture Online Course & Community By The Noosa Forest Retreat Watch FREE Permaculture Online Course Introduction...
  2. Interview ep.1 stonebeachpermaculture.

    Home Gardens, Market Gardens, and Commercial Crops
    I had an interview with John from guerrillagrowsomerville you can see his instagram page here. We talked about cultivating tomatoes , some grey water systems and worm farming. The interview itself answered many questions i had and I will try to...
  3. Any HT folks practicing the "Natural Farming" of Fukuoka?

    Greetings All! I'm new to the HT forums and pretty new to homesteading; it'll be two years in July and this is the start of only our second full growing season. Each winter my wife and I bury our heads in books and online research as we plan our next season. This winter's research exposed me...
  4. J. Daniel Walker from Western Kentucky

    Homesteading Questions
    Great to be a part of the forum!