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  1. Arduino charge controller

    Alternative Energy
    I built this to better control my power and battery charging for my off grid place it a incremental dump load charge controller it allows me to use all that extra energy that is generally wasted with a PWM charge controller. It also allows me to adapt it to other applications and voltages with...
  2. Small Wind Turbine ( < 5kw) certifications

    Alternative Energy
    Good Day folks, For many years companies have focused on Large Commercial Turbines and of course certifications & testing of them but very little attention was focussed on the small turbine market. The result was in a sense a sort of Wild West and a number of scams and cheapo's occurred over...
  3. Stem Wall Foundation for Tiny Home

    Homestead Construction
    Hello? Can anyone weigh in on this please. I’m building at tiny home on a stem wall foundation. As follows: 200 ft.². (20x10) Stem Wall Foundation Two story (w/lofts and cat walk) Single pitch metal roof. Cedar shake siding. We are off grid so ...light plumbing- composting toilet and...
  4. NEW: Trojan Battery PowerHouse Energy Storage Solutions (Plug N Play)

    Alternative Energy
    Good Day folks, Well Trojan has stepped up it's game and significantly so, with a new product line. While this may not suit all needs / purposes it can certainly fill the needs of a few folks here, especially the smaller weekender setups which have been asked about lately. The Info Release...
  5. Info Source Help: 120v circuit panel wiring

    Alternative Energy
    Good Day folks, I'm trying to help a friend out with info and am trying to find a website / docs they can refer to for their project & i'll be damned if I can find something simple & clear cut. I'm hoping someone here has a good link to such, so here is the scenario below. I'd go & do it for...