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  1. Brittany from NH- hey to you!

    Hi! From my title I’m sure you gathered that I’m Brittany from New Hampshire. I currently live in central New Hampshire, a little too urban for my taste, but hey you do what you can for the time. I currently grow my own veggies, fish for dinner and also harvest/eat delicious game like...
  2. Any place in PA with No Building Codes?

    Homesteading Questions
    Hi, New to the forum. Is it possible to live completely off the grid and build in NE PA without building codes? Does anyone know about this.
  3. Homesteading in Detroit completely off grid

    Homesteading Questions
    Two years ago our family began struggling to pay our bills and decided to go off grid with what little money we had saved. We ended up purchasing a vacant block around the corner from our home,installing our solar panels and set up shop in our rv on our new land. Now, we have become a non-profit...
  4. Sawyer water filter

    Survival & Emergency Preparedness
    Sawyer water filter for hiking,prepping and off grid use A great little filter system with small 12volt pump to feed water through.
  5. Anyone interested in being part of a homesteading community?

    Countryside Families
    About a year and a half ago my family bought and moved to a secluded piece of land in NH. There was no electric even close to the homestead and no water except from a pond. We brought our rv to live in as we build and we put in a well. We started with generator power and added solar. Soon we...
  6. Solar Well Pump

    Alternative Energy
    Pro's and Con's of Grundfos and Lorentz well pumps. (Well specs: 105' Static water level, 45' drawdown at 15 GPM. My well is complete and now I'm designing my solar pump. (I'm completely off grid). I have been researching Grundfos and Lorentz pumps what are the pro's and con's...