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  1. Goats
    On Feb 17th (over two weeks ago,) we bought two Nubian goat whethers that are 4 years old and are twins. We got them to eat all our underbrush and weeds on our several acres. (Seven years ago we got two other Nubians whethers to do this and they did a wonderful job.) These two Nubians we...
  2. Goats
    I am downsizing my Registered CAE free Nubian herd. I have a 3 yr old show quality proven buck, a 4 month old buckling that’s outstanding, two 3 yr old does in milk, and a one yr old junior doe. I live in Northeast Oklahoma near Tulsa. Pictures and ADGA registrations available upon request...
  3. Goats
    Hello, I recent got my first two goats (Nubians). A doeling and buckling. The doe has her horns, but is super sweet, would it be worth it to get her dehorned (age 5 months)? And would that be something a farrier would do? Or a vet? Or an experienced breeder? And how much have yall paid to have...
1-3 of 3 Results