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  1. Future Homesteaders

    Hello from sunny Arizona. We're originally from Chicago, but living in Arizona for the last 10 years. We recently purchased an acre in Williams, AZ close to Valle, AZ. Currently researching for our future move to the land. Looking to connect with others in the area, and hoping to learn from...
  2. Hello from Central NC

    Hello, I am honestly not a full fledged "Homesteader" I suppose I am just playing at it still. I have a blog that is documenting my journey if you are interested in reading more about me and my family I will put that link in somewhere. We do have a garden, we preserve everything we can, and...
  3. Hello from Idaho

    Hi there! I'm Bex. I'm an Idaho girl, born and bred, and I'm interested in homesteading/sustainability for so many reasons - number one being the environment - and I can't wait to be out of my awful apartment and into a home of my own so I can realize my full potential!
  4. Hello from a wannabe homesteader in Missouri!

    I stumbled onto this forum while searching online for acreage in the Missouri Ozarks. I live in the St. Louis metro area, but I have been feeling the urge to move out of the suburbs for several years now. Currently, I am interested in a property that I can afford, but it has no buildings on it...