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  1. Undeveloped land and personal loans?

    Homesteading Questions
    Hey everyone! So in my last post I was going to move to my aunt's farm while she was living elsewhere. This is not happening anymore, and now my partner and I are looking at purchasing some 5ish acres of land in florida. We're looking at land that offers seller financing and I'm looking into a...
  2. Very sudden opportunity

    Homesteading Questions
    Hi all, it's my first time on this site. Me and my partner have been living in an apartment until now and we've been doing all we can to learn the skills we'll need on the homestead until we can afford our own land, BUT I just found out my aunt is moving out of her small farm and we have the...
  3. New homestead pigs

    We are new to homesteading and would like to have a pig or two. What is a good breed with good yield and easy to handle? Best for newbies?