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  1. Introductions
    Hi! From my title I’m sure you gathered that I’m Brittany from New Hampshire. I currently live in central New Hampshire, a little too urban for my taste, but hey you do what you can for the time. I currently grow my own veggies, fish for dinner and also harvest/eat delicious game like...
  2. Daily Journal & Everybody Has a Story Archives
    My wife’s old homestead is a beautiful 23 acres overgrown farm that over looks a harbour. It is mostly overgrown but salvageable and I have some extra time, a 47 h.p. tractor and a few dollars for fuel and tractor maintenance. My father and I often sat and talked for hours. Around 1990 I...
  3. Homestead Construction
    Man I demolished a shed with a logging winch and tractor. A squirrels nest was recked. She made an heroic effort which saved her young.
1-3 of 3 Results