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  1. Piston milking machine

    We just received our new milking machine! And we can’t get any suction! The instructions we less then helpful. We kinda know what we are doing from using milking machines a couple times in the past but it’s been a long time. We checked all the lines and everything seams sealed up fine? Any ideas...
  2. Storing Milk

    For those of you who have a family milk cow, how do you store all of that extra milk? Where did you get the containers to store it? We are currently using 1 quart mason jars but are running out quickly. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, any suggestions on finding cheaper equipment would be...
  3. Tulsan Milker

    Has anyone have any experience with a Tulsan Milk machines. Made in Turkey and suppose to be popular milking equipment in Europe. They are now available through Mitty supply. Same company owns Zama and Walbro carbs which is on almost any small two stroke engine. Anyway just looking for some...
  4. Cooling Milk Fast?

    What are you guys doing besides ice baths and freezer to cool your milk fast? Has anyone ever tried the reusable ice cubes and put them directly into the milking pale? Obviously first thoughts are cleanliness. I was thinking about boiling the reusable ice cubes in a zip-lock bag and then...