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  1. Goats
    Hello. So I haven't seen milk prices discussed on here for quiet some time. I am located in North West Arkansas and I've recently started with raising Alpine goats. I've been asked if I would sale milk, and I'm not sure what goats milk is going for in this part of the country right now. What...
  2. Homesteading Questions
    Hello, I am looking for a drum+discs for a 500L/H cream separator which I'd like to build. On Alibaba, Amazon, etc...there are only machines but not spare parts. Do you know wher can I find some of this stuff (referential image). Many thanks!
  3. Homesteading Questions
    My 3 year old Jersey cow had her calf 5 days ago. I have been leaving mama and baby together the whole time and bringing mom in first thing in the morning to milk. She has one quarter that’s damaged from previous owners not handling a bad case of mastitis. I am only getting 2 quarts a day out of...
  4. Cattle
    I am worried our family Jersey has worms. She is not putting on a lot of weight despite constant access to coastal hay, fresh green grass, and a special dairy ration x2 daily. I was going to get a dewormer (ivermectin) but with her being fresh I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea or if there...
  5. Dairy
    For those of you who have a family milk cow, how do you store all of that extra milk? Where did you get the containers to store it? We are currently using 1 quart mason jars but are running out quickly. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, any suggestions on finding cheaper equipment would be...
  6. Pigs
    We have a left over 4H pig that we have been trying to sell for over a month. He has to be closing in on 400 lbs - was 300 lbs in mid August. He is a really long, tall pig so not overly fat - just big. We think we finally have him sold but can't get a butcher date until mid-November. We...
  7. Goats
    Right now I currently feed an equal part Boss & C.O.B. for my milkers. I am wanting to add an equal part Flax Seed. Anybody currently feeding this mix or something similar? Did it increase milk or butterfat? Taste?
  8. Barter Board
    I have registered Dexter Cows from really good lines. Easy keepers. Hardy and thrifty. I can help with delivery for extra consideration. You can contact me at [email protected] I will post details below.
  9. Goats
    Hi I am new to this forum and new to bottle babies! Need some advice! I brought home two baby la mancha does last week. I started feeding just as breeder/farmer had instructed. He told me to buy the "Milk products Grade A Ultra 24 livestock replacer" to feed 8oz 2x a day! I actually was...
  10. Goats
    Hey, so my FF two-year-old freshened 4 days ago with a big buckling. She's doing alright on the milk stand, but she's lifting her legs a lot. I think that her udder is sore (it's pink and I noticed that under her legs her udder was reddish) and that's why she doesn't like me touching her udder...
1-10 of 10 Results