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  1. Layers and Meat Birds in common area...?

    Still finding our way towards efficient production of eggs and meat-ideally both at the same time, with dual purpose efforts. We have a large poultry pen (around 225 sq.ft) and small coop with 6 layers. This has worked great so far. Now we've added 4 more layers and getting our feet wet with...
  2. Seasoning feral hog meat by waiting? How long?

    Got a 250lb sow today, tearing up our deer feeder area. She's skinned, quartered, gutted etc, on ice in coolers. Local folklore holds that one should pour salt on fresh feral hog meat and let it sit for a few days. We're not too keen on the added sodium, but also have heard that aging the meat...
  3. Is this safe to eat?

    I have a 2 yr old New Zealand breeding doe that has developed sore hocks. She's on wire. We've never had this problem before in any of our other rabbits. We're going to put her down- we have her only for breeding/meat production and she wasn't productive at all with that. My hubby is...
  4. Best Meat Quality?

    I just wanted to get some opinions from those who know. I am wanting just a couple feeders for my family and some close friends. I would like a darker/more red meat with good marbling. Also, the more bacon the better (that goes without saying I am sure). What breeds should I be on the look out...
  5. How to BBQ wild hog that is juicy and falling off the bone delicious!

    Here is a little video I made for those that think you can't BBQ wild hog.
  6. Selling meat in Michigan

    I am having trouble finding clear answers on this. I would love it if someone could post the link to the actual law or code that defines this. I am trying to figure out what the process is to be able to sell retail cuts of meat from our farm. At like farmers markets etc. we will be wanting to...
  7. Getting started with goats

    Homesteading Questions
    My wife and I are brand new to farming/homesteading. We just got three feeder pigs to raise and are looking to get into something else also. All my like I have loved goats, growing up on and off we had one as a pet here and there. I was thinking about getting into meat goats but the problem I am...