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meat rabbits
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    I live on a little over 1.5 acres and a good chunk is heavily wooded still. I plan on clearing paths in this area during winter when everything dies and there is no risk of snakes. I have started raising meat rabbits a few months ago (I wanted them before corona became well known but couldn't...
  2. Homesteading Questions
    Hi. My family is new to breeding rabbits. We have 4 bucks and 5 does. I bred all five does and they all had 3 fall offs but none of them have had any kits! No signs nothing! None are nesting or pulling hair. All they do is poop and pee in the boxes. 3 females are about a year old and the other 2...
  3. Rabbits
    OK so DH and I have made the decision to breed rabbits. I've read several articles on it but none seem to agree on how to get the breeders together. So my question is do you put your buck in with your doe? Or do you put your doe in with your buck? Or do you put them both together in a neutral...
1-3 of 3 Results