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  1. Very sudden opportunity

    Homesteading Questions
    Hi all, it's my first time on this site. Me and my partner have been living in an apartment until now and we've been doing all we can to learn the skills we'll need on the homestead until we can afford our own land, BUT I just found out my aunt is moving out of her small farm and we have the...
  2. High Altitude Livestock

    Hey, If anybody out there homesteads in altitudes between 6000-10,000 feet, i'd like to know about how to raise/butcher livestock at those altitudes. What are the best animals to raise in these zones, and how many at a time can your homesteads handle? Any advice would be great. Also a bit...
  3. Let's Get Home Grown Food On Every Table!

    I'm Marjory Wildcraft, The Grow Network’s founder and CEO. I was featured in "Who's Who in America" for my work in building deep community resilience, restoring heirloom genetics in gardens and livestock, and the return to natural medicine across the Nation. National Geographic featured me as...
  4. City Slickers

    Greetings all! My husband, son, and I are finally leaving NYC after 10 years to start a very small livestock farm in NJ. Having a few acres to live off of, raise animals, and provide a service to my community has been a dream for as long as I remember, but we got a bit sidetracked. The pandemic...
  5. New pot bellied pig?

    Hi. I have a 4 year old Male pig . He is castrated. he hasn't seen another pig since I've brought him home. He's lived with dogs in the past. Is it possible to introduce him to another pig? Would another castrated male be better or female? Any pig we bring home would definitely be a baby!!
  6. Just got a 8 week old rabbit, and he wont eat. help!

    so i decided i was going to start raising rabbits as livestock a few years ago , and finally set it into motion this year .. i bought my doe on the 14th of march and then i got my buck just a few days ago, on the 23rd .. wanted to make sure they weren't litter mates by getting them on the same...
  7. UTV setup for efficient fencing.

    I have been ask by a lot of folks. How do you set up your buggy? We set a lot of fence in the grazing season. Moving livestock 2-10 times per day.
  8. New Farming/Homesteading YouTube Channel

    Hey Guys been hanging here for number of years just learning. Never posted anything. Here's my YouTube Channel I'm just sharing some of the things I've learned over the years. Hope It's helpful.
  9. Where is the best place to buy fencing? Specifically field fence.

    Homesteading Questions
    Probably looking at Red Brand, I'm and going to try to match the weave, gauge, and height of some other fencing I already have on my property. Where's the best place to go looking for the best price? Home Depot? Tractor Supply? Rural King? How about posts? Any suggestions on where to get a...
  10. Different Small Animals?

    Homesteading Questions
    Hey, All. I've finally gotten good enough at my schedule that I'm quite spare for time. So, I'm looking for a new, small animal for my homestead. So far, I have: Ducks Chicken Quail Rabbits Koi Bees Worms (and Mealworms) Dwarf Goats Barn Cats Dog However, it has to be small. See, I raise all...
  11. HELP! Pig foaming at mouth

    Homesteading Questions
    We are semi-new to the pig raising "business". We newly acquired 3 Wessex pigs about a week ago. Two of them are around 60-70 lbs and one is about 125 lbs. They are all females. Well, last night one of the smaller ones dig under the fence (which is actually buried in the ground some) and got out...
  12. Goat newbies questions

    So, I am getting goats within the next couple weeks, and had a few questions. First, i am getting full-sized goats. I particularly like aplines, saanens, and nubians. I have a fair sized shed for them, and a large pen that will be turned into a dry lot. They will spend quite a bit of time here...